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Additional Custom Scanners have been added

At the request of several agencies, we have started adding Custom Scanners to the menu options.  These scanners are designed for the agency use and are only available to Premium Membership Subscription.  If you or your agency/Organization is interested in a Custom Scanner, please contact Support@ScannerXtreme.com .
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October 24th, System Update

New Counties have been added in North Carolina.  This included a local system within the newly added Wake County.  Additionally, User Groups are now available with custom scanner pagers for organizations and agencies that want a custom display of systems for their members. To request a custom scanner page, contact support@ScannerXtreme.com
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Active Talk Groups

If you are monitoring a Talk Group that has no activity, there are several possible causes.  The TG may not have any active users in the local area.  Trunked systems can isolate the areas where their transmissions can be received by where the active transceivers are located.  Another possibility is that many agencies are migrating to newer radio systems.  We have displayed many of the TG's that ar...
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